Lessons EP Compilation

There is a new sound buzzing out of JA. Its a whole vibe. Not quite sure what it is. Its a sonic that is making the new generation identify something that is theirs. Its also allowing the generation prior to ask what really is this. Well whatever it is, its called music and some of it is making the people dance and be happy while they work out whatever fears or insecurities they once had. Here is one such project. The Lessons Riddim EP compilation produced by Push A Yute Entertainment Inc is one these nostalgic feeling kind of sound with new sonics and flows from a generation of artist that can and will surely push the boundaries. Well this project is a six track EP with the likes of Aisha Davis, Yeza, Royal Blu, Amlak Redsquare, Qraig VoiceMail, Indie Allen. The tempo is not that fast bang bang vibe. Its more on the melodic side with the piano leading the phrases and where the instrumental goes.

One of my track favorites is Royal Blu ” Whats Mine” The song speaks of hard work and what it took to get to even where he is. Its easy to see this being a Push A Yute track has it has the grit to say we can make it but has the melody to say Royal Blu has to be considered one of the best to look out for. One more hot track is Yeza “Roots & Legacy” is a vey inspirational and hardcore lyrical track delivered from this young songstress. She has clearly shown a lot of maturity and witty word play within her writing and delivery.

Qraig from the group VoiceMail who now goes by the name Qraig Voicemail again has shown why he is considered one of the islands best sonics. His subject of speaking about black legacy and growth is one where we can and should be listening to as a people who came out of slavery. The words of investments and passing on legacies needs to be echoed and he did it with such musical clarity and punching words.

Amlak RedSquare always a militant warrior. Has and again shown why he is a staple and a stable firm individual as an artist and as a person. His song titled “Cant Get We Out” is one that evokes thoughts, feelings and emotions. Its very radical and militant he made it clear where his stance was and where we as a people can unite and make a difference.

Will not give all the project away. As we were privy to the fact that couple single will be released on the same instrumental from “Simone FruitTree Dewar” and a possible single from Jahriffe. Again its one that I would strongly support and is being distributed by Kycker in the UK. project is on all major platforms.