More than a movement. They are our culture Dance Xpressionz

We have seen the team and movement in many local videos and forums. They have been at the forefront of the creative sector in terms of dancing and expressive arts. Have they paid their dues. Yes and with an exclamation of definition.

Dance Xpressionz debuts Musical in Germany

“From Den Till Now” the musical, a production brainchild of Orville Hall was debut internationally in Berlin, Germany  on May 25 and 29 as part of the CDC Festival.

Trained in performing arts and cultivated on the dancehall streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Dance Xpressionz have made a name in our diaspora and beyond as an amazing dance group with longevity, talent and respected reputation. Led by Orville Hall and ‘First Lady” Shelly Xpressionz, the group musical production shines with other creatives such as choreographer Kimiko Versatile, Sashi/ Dogbed (who sang his Jamaican Festival song Love Jamaica Land of my birth),and performances from Ghanian dancers Yoofi Greene and E -Flex.

They all advised of how overwhelmingly happy they felt especially because they got the chance to bring true authentic dancehall dance and music to Europe. 

There was a massive delay because of the pandemic and the crew and musical production had to wait an extra two years to use their work permits and head to Germany where sponsors came on board to assist greatly with financing and promoting the leg of production.

Unfortunately the production of “From Den till Now” did not receive the support, marketing and sponsorship from corporate or certain areas in government of Jamaica. It was an out of pocket journey to promote, curate and launch the production in Jamaica but as Shelly rightfully said”Nutten nuh happen before its time”.She went on to say Jamaica is celebrating 60 years of Independence and its an out of this world feeling to be performing in Berlin, Germany at this time. 

The people crave our rich and potent culture so we’re glad to offer the authenticity needed. We must continue to highlight and showcase these creatives and artisans from our diaspora and we must also thank them for keeping it alive and well.