Sex Drugs & Dancehall

These are some serious times. These words are from one of the bigger names within the Reggae culture “JahCure” who has also been living on the edge. He’s now facing time in a Dutch prison. Dancehall and Reggae is going through a surge or some kinda of disastrous element. The women are living as if they are promoting Ensure and Supligen. It’s like Dancehall meets corporate meets Porn. Here is the interesting part, the people who we consider to be great selectors and Disc Joc seems like they are more interested in turning the culture in a brothel. Now thats disturbing.

It now begs to ask a few questions. Has this always been the face of Dancehall? Is it just a culture shift or a generational leap?.Maybe we will never know. Maybe it’s just us being posh and wanting things to go back to the way it was. What is a fact is we don’t need porn in Dancehall nor Reggae. The fact that both these genres are based on the cry of the people from the inner city, is why we cannot allow underground or mainstream to change or dictate the narrative. The cry of the people. The chanting of injustice. The fight for freedom. These are all the attributes of our culture. These are the roots of Reggae & Dancehall. This is what makes us Jamaican. So yes I do understand but I also am aware that good music and entertainment will always have a longer shelf life.

Like the past. History has a way where a chain of events repeats itself. So just like the 1980s when Dancehall looked bleak, we had an upsurge of teens in the 90s that changed the mantra, look and feel of our culture. It went mainstream. It also got the grammy before hip hop in 1990. Maybe this is exactly what the culture needs. Just like any entity it needs to be purged and this is the culture doing its sifting and purging.

Lets keep an eye out for a few young acts that are still pushing the boundaries. Lets not throw all acts, entertainers in the same league. This is just a fraction we speak of. What is clear is that Dancehall is changing and one thing for certain is “CHANGE”.