“MEK IT WORK” Future Cult Classic

Every now and then you can realize why you actually love your job and your culture. Well this night was a reminder of both and why I will continue to write and add my piece of the art.

So I was invited on set of a show called “Mek It Work”. Now I do love a good comedy skit. I grew up on shows like “Oliver”, “Titus”, “Lime Tree Lane” and many other famous Jamaican comedies and comedians. So it was a blast from the past to see “Christopher Johnny Daley” (one of the islands premiere comedian) hosting a show along side Puku Poo (member of the eclectic Reggae band Nomads). With just a soda and good company I was pleasantly entertained.

The hour long show consisted of skits. Dancehall & Reggae impressions that had me on the floor. The guest which made the show more riveting yet entertaining. He had poet and Spoken Word author “Simone FruitTree Dewar”. As she performed Christopher the host allowed his guest the chance to bring their side of life to this entertainment package.
Marion aka the The Scribe. Was also a part of the show and she was as entertained as she was a part of us being entertained and this is where the show now has a win.

“MEK IT WORK” has the chance to become a cult classic and with the right line up we can see this being the future of comedy to come. It’s also safe to say we can see why Johnny has a knack of producing good shows (he’s been doing it for the last 15 years consistently) he has found a way to make the arts be exactly that. The Arts. That has and what was missing and he reminded us its all art.