Push A Yute & Friends The Tour

It’s been a while since we got to enjoy all the world has to offer. Now that things are slowly getting back to norm the night life has again taken centre stage. One of the events that has been long awaited was this Push A Yute & Friends Tour. Push A Yute Ent Inc known for their eclectic array of shows and artist are officially back on the road. The tour has acts like Supa Hype (Dancehall Disc Joc, performer and producer). Simone “Fruit Tree” Dewar author and Spoken Word act. One thing for sure she made us aware that she was more than an author. Her performance was one of grace and poise. Al’Qual a young Dancehall act that has a bright future ahead of him. He left the crowd wanting more as his showmanship and performance skill made us all aware he is ready for the world. He performed crowd favorites like “SURVIVAL” and “THINK SMART”. Now the show was just fun entertainment and more. When we say friends and guest appearances well lets just say they know how to turn it up a notch.

The first leg which was kept at South Deck 876 in Kgn Jamaica turned out to be more than a show. It was an experience and the line up made it all the way worth it. They had acts like “Mr Lexx” as part of the special guest list of friends..He reminded the crowd that he is a genuine hit maker, performer that has a lot more to offer our culture. He had Nanauwe a songstress from the islands off the coast of Massachusetts. Her songs were one to absorb and enjoy. A crowd favorite was “Turtle Island”. She also duet with Dizzy aka Di Ill One. Super performer and producer along with Makonnen. Together they also went into hits and styles that helped to forge the sound of pop music today. The Grei Show did his thing as well. One of the impact performances came from “Wolf Pack” and the dynamic aspects of the crew and their performances. “Viaa Boss” set the tone with what seems to be an anthem. “Fresh Fresh Commodity”. With label mates like “Hirawkey” filling in the blanks. Then upon his performance lead the crowd to realizing their will be a bright future for Wolf Pack. Songs like “3 oclock” gave the crowd chills and now we can say they are here. Plus with the addition of AlQual making the third member the performances reminded everyone of what comes with a Push A Yute show.

Next stop Negril and again this seems like it will be treat. Lets continue to see where they end up and lets see what these faces and acts have to offer the world.