Dezigna shooting through Kingston & Jamaica

Its never easy being a young entrepreneur in your twenties and trying to cover as much grounds as you can. Well there is a young man who hails from the hills of St.Andrew. He had a dream a few years ago that he would one day see his work on a billboard. Well that time has come and passed. Now the ambition and drive is to present graphics and photos as an art form that will result in more than a look. It’s more about a feeling an emotion. Thats how he sees his works. Here is what we can say. He took a week to work on an album cover. Demar made it clear he had to capture the thoughts of the artist so he took a week to study the act the album and the direction. With that attention to detail we can see why he is one of the most sought after designer right now on the circuit.

His name is Demar Wadgle and his company is called Dezigna Ent. He is all about the optics. He takes pics, shoot videos, graphic arts, corporate designer, magazine photography and clothing designer. His shots are all over Kingston. Whether its on billboards across the corporate area of Kingston or the local flyer promoting Push A Yute tours & shows. His IP is all over rhe globe. He has tshirt designs that have renown touch which is big in the Urban fashion sphere in Jamaica. We were told with all the demands at hand he has a new range dropping before the year end. Those will then compliment the documentary he is presently working on with Push A Yute Ent Inc which is known to be his parent company.

So this is it. He works under the Push A Yute Ent entity. He has his own company and is a part of the conglomerate that keeps his art busy along with his business. He has a showcase and gallery set dropping before the end of the year. For now lets just enjoy his work as he paints, shoots and curate his way through Jamaica.