Mothers Who Reach For The Stars

Everyone knows what we are about. We are about the arts, culture & entertainment. So yes its always a good day when we get to promote a Jamaican author who resides in the Uk but have kept her roots solidly planted in her culture and her faith. We would like to introduce Ms Richards. A single mother, author, pr, dental nurse and all the hats that a black woman can wear as a caregiver and home provider.

So who is Renee Richards? 

I am a Jamaican Indie author, residing in the UK, studying dentistry full time whilst being a full-time lone parent to my young son. Though I juggle many hats, One is being an author. It was never intentional. Writing was and always has been a passion but it also comes effortlessly to me.

December 2019, the reality of not just lone parenting kicked in but a lone parent frantically trying to make a 360 shift in their life. I was juggling, being a full-time student, employee and mother whilst, trying to escape a past I no longer wanted to be associated with, whilst trying to create a life that I could finally be proud of. The frustration, the loneliness, the bitterness and the overall hatred I felt towards myself, and my situation led me to begin venting in a word document. I began venting about how this journey as a lone parent was a struggle, a struggle to balance all that was required of me as a parent whilst balancing the things that I had required for myself. I began asking God if he was unable to see how tired I was of being a lone parent, a lone tired parent trying to make ends meet, trying to become a better version of themselves, trying find financial freedom. I angrily punched key after key making my frustrations clear on this word document that I was tired of being a tired trying single parent. 

This word document went from what was supposed to be a one-day worth of venting, to 5 months’ worth of venting and reflective writing, which birthed my debut book, “To the Single Mom God Cares About You Too”. A self help book with a practical and biblical guide for single mothers to help them; not only embrace and appreciate the journey of lone parenting but to find ways to level up that they can become the best version for themselves not just for them but for their growing children, whilst recognizing that God is there with them each and every step of the way. 

Since the release of this book, I am working on a children series called “Amari Asks”, based on my son and the many difficult questions he raises, and have released two books from this series, “Amari Asks is Jesus really with me” and “Amari Asks Why is he Homeless”. The books apart of this series are geared towards children within the age group of 5-9, to not only help them to find answers to the difficult questions they may have to but to also help parents help them answer them. 

We are here to highlight and expose all talented black acts, authors, artists, artisans and all the movers and shakers who helps to curate our pop and financial cultural sphere. Lets go and grab a copy of her book.