ELEV8 Will Be & Is Going To Be A Classic

Its been more than twenty years one of the best wordsmith in the Reggae/Dancehall industry has been at it. He has been consistent since he walked in. “Ricky Rudie” or “Bling Dawg” call him what you will. What you will call him is prolific and finally apart of the Classic Album Club.

Let’s talk about Marlon Williams. Lets talk about a complete rebrand and reinvention. Lets talk about loving the process and not rushing a thing. No short cuts. From his physical training to his approach to music and the business of music, Bling Dawg is not just a noun but a living verb. He’s been living by his commitments of change which starts with self. He was once and still apart of the world renown Alliance lead by Bounty Killa. Now we see him as a global act. His album launch party showed us just that. With guest like Pop Caan, Romain Virgo,Tanya Stephens, Christopher Martin & many more. A galore of stars were present to show their respect to the artist who has curated a piece of art in his new album “Elev8”.

He is known for hits with Vybz Kartel, Wayne Marshal. So he is no new comer to making a hit. He has hits. The last few years saw him with hits like “Kreech” and “Aji Bounce” which were both dance craze in the streets of Jamaica. Small time away to get his mind and his vibe right and now he’s back with an album. He went into strategy and tactic mode during Covid. Bling went on a course of self improvement and development. We can say from the late 90’s to date he has to be considered one of the most diverse songwriter and lyricist. He has showcased with the best of them and battled the rest of them and he is still growing.

Now with his new album out and doing the rounds. He spent over a year of putting together this masterpiece he is poised to be not just a solid Dancehall artist but a prolific artist in general now that he is showing his range and versatility in doing more Reggae inclined songs. He has a few hardcore Dancehall acts like Busy Signal which features on the track “When Tables Turn” and Bounty Killa who is on the track “Buss A Road”. The fact is the core of the album is Reggae which shows the transition and growth of Bling Dawg. The album has 15 tracks including the intro. His latest single out now “YO” which features Christopher Martin is one that already in heavy rotation. The single was produced by non other that Damian Junior Gong Marley. “God Is Amazing” is one of the most heart warming track on the album. The live instrumental makes you feel apart of the composition. Now that’s enough to say Bling is poised to have a solid impact with his upcoming album. Bling did not compromise having several great producers and duets with legends within the industry. If we still wanna go there “Pride” featuring Romain Virgo again shows versatility and pedigree. This is what a debut album should feel like. One that has the texture and sonic to be listened over a period of time.

Bling Dawg has made it clear that the work put it was worth every sweat and tear. The dedication and time invested was heard in the tracks. This is where we continue to congratulate and celebrate “ELEV8”.