Before poetry, I had nothing for my temple. Poetry allowed me to reverence my sanctuary. My inner being, that I ignored for so many years. Poetry came from me and brought awareness that “inside of me was where it’s at”.
When I write I am silent and in prayer
When I write I visualize my Fruittree nourishing the world with fruits of divine words and sentences …I am a walking and breathing scroll.

Before poetry and the deliverance of spoken word I found myself wanting. I would be distracted easily and then beat myself up when I still felt dissatisfied after aimlessly doing whatever.

Poetry came first and then writing stories made its introduction like a timid little mouse.
My first published book was a book of poems called “Fruits & Truth” and then I slowly felt this intense need to give gifts of storytelling to children. Dreams of stories started to visit me in my sleep and my latest short novel to date came vividly in one of them.

So far one of the branches can be seen on the platform of However, I have every intention of spreading my tree to other online platforms and definitely a physical walk-in store displaying my books and having poetry/spoken word sessions.

There’s so much to come from my FRUITTREE. I am a never ending life form whose purpose is to nurture and replenish whoever wants to eat.