Jamaica 8th Wonder Of The World

Jamaica is like the 8th Wonder Of The World. An environment filled with endless possibilities. What is talent? How far can we get on just mere talent? The question that baffles the minds of most. People are always full of bright ideas. We live in a country where talent is dime a dozen and it literally pours from the pipe. Jamaica is that place. We have greats like Louise Bennett Coverley (Rosa Parks of Jamaican entertainment). We have figures like Grace Jones a triple threat in her own right and her field. Let’s not do Bob Marley and the family. That is what we call a global legacy from the humble beginnings of Kingston Jamaica.
Ok… Let’s do this Usain Bolt, should we really speak about the “King” of track and field.
Lindy Dellapena (Lloyd Lindbergh “Lindy” Delapenha was a Jamaican footballer and sports journalist. He was the first Jamaican to play professional football in England. Between 1948 and 1960, he played league football for Portsmouth, Middlesbrough, and Mansfield Town). Shelly-Ann Frasier, Elaine Thompson. Merlene Ottey and Jeffrey Dujon.

So again. Should I continue? Designers, sculptors. Writers like Barbara Hanna Blake. Also, the inspiration that got you the famous James Bond novels and books. Jamaica is just that place. We are who we are and are best described as a vibe.

Urban Vine Media is just that brand and company to remind you of what makes us great. What makes the culture so rich. What makes the world keep wanting more of the 876 experience.